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An Institute of the Faculty of Theology of Lugano, affiliated to USI

The Ninth Annual Conference of the International Association for the Philosophy of Time (IAPT) will take place in Lugano, Switzerland, on June 24-28, 2024.

The yearly meeting of the IAPT is the largest conference worldwide devoted to the philosophy of time broadly construed. It is organised rotating between Australasia, the US, and Europe.

The IAPT is the umbrella association for philosophy of time societies and research centres around the world. It is currently formed by the Philosophy of Time Society, the Centre for Time, the Centre for Philosophy of Time, the Society for Philosophy of Time, and the Irish Society for the Philosophy of Time.

In 2024, the local organisers of the conference in Lugano are Damiano Costa and Cristian Mariani. The program committee is chaired by David Ingram. The conference is sponsored by Swiss National Science Foundation grants, Temporal Existence (Costa, SNSF Starting Grant, 211294), and Quantum Indeterminacy (Mariani, SNSF Ambizione, 208762).